Geek Zone

Technology I’m geeking out about these days:

  • Windows 8 Devices:
    • Loving my HP Envy 4 TouchSmart Ultrabook.  With a 500 GB library, I can keep my music and virtual machines all in one place and never worry about performance.
    • Tablet: My Samsung 7 tablet running Windows 8 Pro can do way more than your iPad but I really covet the Microsoft Surface Pro or HP Envy X2 convertible.  (Microsoft – can we please dump the DisplayPort for HDMI?)
  • SkyDrive.  All my data automagically appears on every device – PC, tablet, phone – or the web.  I’ll never pay for backups again.
  • Phone: Nokia Lumia 920.  Why can’t I have you on T-Mobile?
  • The electronic babysitter: Kinect Disneyland Adventures is like crack for kids.
  • Best geek toy for kids: LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer got my hyper-active 7-year-old through a 2 hour meeting without a peep.
    • Nook HD, even better babysitter for older kids.  My 8-year-old would never put it down if I allowed it.
  • My next car: The Chevy Camaro ZL1 – is it too soon to trade in the 2011 RS?
  • What I’d be driving if I won this week’s Powerball: Aston Martin v12 Vantage.  Who needs Bond when you can drive the car yourself?  (I can dream, right?)
  1. Okay, I found it. Technology for me is a 33-1/3 round piece of plastic with lots of grooves that makes sound when an arm with a needle sets down in a groove and transmits vibration to speakers attached to a box. I guess I am technology challenged.

    • Too funny for you to write that – especially since the greatest example of modern technology is likely sitting in your lap at this very moment. (Your laptop.) I’ll try to keep this list updated with the best of the tech world so you can get beyond those old LPs. 🙂

  2. yes, I have a laptop, I have a cell phone, I have a dvr,vcr, and digital receiver. I have a microwave oven, an infrared oven, a programmable coffee pot, and a car smarter than me. But, I do not have full understanding of how they work. Yes, I know how to use them enought to meet my needs, but understand them…nope. I am very darn good in using software but don’t ask me how it works. I can walk a person through how do some simple and intermediate tasks on tech objects but again I can’t tell them how they work. I’m not a geek, but to be honest…I wish I did have that understanding. I missed my chance when Texas Instruments was going to send me to programming school and my husband decided it was more important to move from Texas to Arizona. He never believed I needed knowledge; women were supposed to be homemakers and bring home little pay if they worked. So, I’m not a geek but I am glad both of my offspring are.

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