About MSFTTaz

Proceeding until apprehended. Technology Strategist, geek, singer, public speaker, reader, wordsmith, artist, athlete, diversity champ, occasional deep thinker. Single mom of the cutest little kid in the world.

Topics: Everything.  Mostly geek stuff.  Or arts and entertainment.  Sometimes sports, politics, or whatever else tickles my fancy.

Interests: I love anything that stimulates my ADHD brain and have done a lot of different things, though the bucket list is still pretty full.  I’d like to travel more for pleasure and less for business.  I like to go fast, whether it’s in my 2011 Camaro or strapped into an amusement park ride, though any risk I take is always carefully calculated (at the speed of light right before I press the pedal to the floor).  Of course, like any good cheetah, I’m also up for occasionally wasting the day away on my couch doing almost nothing.  Yes, I’m one of those dorks who believes it’s more about the journey than the destination, though I’d also like to believe that we all have an opportunity to make an impact on the world around us.

Beliefs: I believe in science AND I believe in God: these two things are not mutually exclusive.  I’m a Christian but not religious.  I also believe you have a right to believe what you want to believe, and expect you to be considerate of the same.  I love politics but I’ve yet to meet a politician I’d trust with my checkbook, let alone my taxes.  And I’ve yet to understand why people seem to think they have to take sides over just about everything.  Okay, yes, I prefer Coke over Pepsi, but I’d take a good southern sweet tea over either one any day.  Oh, and you’ll never hear me cheering for the Redskins.  But most of all, I believe that no matter who we are or where we began, we are all perfectly capable of shaping our own destinies as long as we are willing to put in the effort and make the sacrifices it takes to get us where we want to be.  That even applies to those tone deaf masses who are convinced they deserve a golden ticket to Hollywood after embarrassing themselves on national TV.   Anyone remember William Hung?


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