Welcome to the twisted world of Taz

Yeah, I finally decided to set up a real blog.  You know, something more than the diminished drivel one is able to post on Facebook.  Hopefully you will find what I write interesting, though I can’t guarantee what might spew from this slightly warped, never silent brain of mine on any given day.  Nor can I guarantee when I might lose interest or simply forget that I have a blog, though I hope I don’t given the amount of patience it requires to actually set this thing up.  However, life happens and sometimes your true priorities preclude piddling time away at the keyboard.

Your fair warning: first the professionals who tested me back in my school days swore I had a high IQ, put me in “TAG” (talented & gifted), then called me “different” and finally slapped me with the “ADHD” label before all was said and done.  Although I’m guessing they just didn’t know what to do with someone like me, I’m good with being called all of those things.  Just thought you should know that the sum of their assessment means I’ll probably never be on the same subject for very long since pretty much everything piques my interest, even if it’s just for a short time.  My sense of humor tends to range from immature and twisted to dry and mordant, and everything in between.  I am an equal opportunity offender when it comes to leveraging that oddball sense of humor to express my opinion, though I promise I will never intentionally be cruel or hurtful toward another human being.

Oh, one more fair warning: I will likely shamelessly use this space to brag about my child (the prerogative of any single mom), gush about my company’s products (I wouldn’t work there if I didn’t like them), or share my artistic endeavors.  If that offends you, well, sorry; read something else and you’ll likely feel better later.


About GeekTaz

xRM Solution Architect, previously a Technology Strategist for Microsoft, I'm a geek with a voice. (Literally - I sing in addition to writing.) My opinions are my own and don't necessarily reflect those of anyone else. I might geek out about anything at any time: technology, politics, my family, movies - whatever happens to catch my fancy at the moment. I will, as always, proceed until apprehended.

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